João-de-Barro Collection


One of the most awarded products from Brazil Design. Inspired in the shape and colors of the Joao-de-Barro (literally, John-of-the-mud) nest.

I want to use simple moments to bring meaning and remind men of the essence of his nature. I want men to use the fingers to salt and to connect to his meal, and, the rough touch of a ceramic in its pure form will remind him of when he played with soil.


Handmade in lathe from selected kinds of stoneware and fired at a high temperature. creating unique richness to the pieces. No enameling nor painting is added so that the salt remains dry and loose, pleasant to touch.

Now you know all,

Suzanne Reboh


Rua Ferreira Viana, 93 / 301

Porto Alegre

Tel: 55 51 30611221


CNPJ: 01.648.927/0001-03

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